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Off the Charted Path December 12, 2009

Green Plum Cooking School – Sat, Dec 12th

Guest Blogger: Lisa Brooks

Beautiful Veggies

“We’re charting a new course, going off the path,” Monica said, as I walked into t’afia, a little earlier than usual. Since last February, when Monica started the Green Plum Cooking School classes at the Midtown Farmers Market, we have used recipes from The Art of Simple Food, by Alice Waters. After nearly a year, we have cooked from all seasons, learned a few things and had a lot of delicious food.

What I have learned in that time, more than anything, is that a few simple ingredients can be combined into something amazingly delicious. I knew that whatever plan was in the works today, it would be ok. But I was nervous. Of course, Monica did not let us down.

We still did two of the recipes from the “old” book, Alice’s Glazed Carrots (p. 298) and Steamed Broccoli with Garlic, Butter, and Lemon (p. 294) but our new course (going rogue!) was to use a recipe from Monica’s new cookbook, “Eat Where Your Food Lives” — an online, interactive subscription cookbook. The paperless cookbook is a great tool: it is updated with new recipes regularly; has drink pairing suggestions (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic); creates your shopping lists; converts quantities at the touch of a button; and other really cool features. You can check it out at . The recipe we were doing today from Chef Monica was Guacamole with Harissa.   (more…)


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