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What a Gift September 26, 2009

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Green Plum Cooking School –  Sat, Sept 26th

Lots of helpers today!

This class became utter mayhem, so I don’t really know where to begin.

It started out simple enough. It was Sutton’s birthday. She’s turning 6. Sutton is the niece of a friend, comes to class regularly but she’s too shy to say anything to me; her aunt tells me what she says after class and her excitement about the things we make — ratatouille, greek salad, cornbread cupcakes. She particularly loved it when I set a foil pan on fire in the class. But she still didn’t talk to me. So I turn this morning’s class into my own private (sort of) birthday gift to Sutton. For some reason, I think her birthday should involve stuffing eggs and making whole wheat scones. Familiar to most. Not intimidating, I assume. Maybe Sutton will come up and help today. We’ll see.

Now, at t’afia, we make great scones (if I may say so myself). Alice’s recipe is a little different: they are made with whole wheat flour, lemon, zest, cream and butter. You can add dried fruits if you like. I kept it simple especially since, suddenly and all at once, all the kids who were upstairs are taking over the class. By my invitation, sort of, but I’m surprised because they don’t usually take me up on it. My daughter, David and Beth’s daughters, Lisa’s son and daughter, are all suddenly in charge and they’re all very excited about whole wheat….or pretending to be. My daughter, in particular, can spot a flax seed with her eyes closed (and then refuse to eat whatever it is that has the flax seed in it) and even she appears to be very excited about whole wheat. I do have to say that it hurts my feelings when Lili borrows $2 from me each Saturday to get a sticky bun from Angela’s Ovens downstairs instead of choosing one of my baked goods. But here they are, zesting, sifting, measuring, patting and cutting the scone dough. All looks well as the scones go downstairs with a sprinkle of sugar on top to bake.



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