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What’s Black, White & Red All Over…? March 20, 2010

Strawberry & Spinach Salad with Three-Seed Dressing

Green Plum Cooking School – Saturday, March 6th

I had another surprise for class today; again, specifically for Allison (who happened to miss last week’s class on carrot nubs, dedicated to her and her husband).  After sitting with Allison at t’afia on Friday night and confirming that she would, in fact, be at the market for her weekly dose of humiliation, I had a couple of glasses of wine and went home to execute my plan.  Yes, I am still campaigning against carrot nubs and I am determined to “help” Allison’s husband, Oleg, make a more conscious, healthful decision when trying to eat healthy.

So, I go home, take one of my t-shirts (a pink one), grab a cat bowl and some sharpies and get to work on my own DIY t-shirt.  It’s a classic Ghostbusters-style image with carrot nubs (pretty darn accurate renderings, I think) and the words “Carrot Nubs” with a line drawn through the circle.  On the back, in lieu of our mantra “Eat Where Your Food Lives,” I have Nicole write, “Eat Where Your Food is Fabricated.”  I button all three buttons of my woobie (my nubbie winter corduroy jacket) to cover up my shirt, anxious about the big reveal, wondering if Allison will come to class.  Just as I’m about to go up, I see Nicole and Allison out front.  Now I’m wondering if either of them will come upstairs.

No More Nubs!



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