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“S” stands for… March 1, 2010

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Pomegranate Chicken with Carrot Raita

Green Plum Cooking Class – February 20th

Before class, Lisa was chatting with a woman on the first row who said she had tried to find my blog.  She typed in monicaspeaks and it was decidedly NOT me, but a Christian motivational speaker named Monica.  The website says, “Audiences are captivated as Monica speaks because her words are Holy Spirit breathed.  She’ll have you laughing and crying but more than anything as you listen to her you’ll know you’re receiving wisdom from God.”  Wow, this other Monica has a direct line to God; I can barely walk on Waters, if you know what I mean.  How many Google wars do I have to fight?  I’m already battling for placement with the other Monica Pope, the basketball player.  I mean, really.

I was going to start the class with a sad story from one of my farmers, Stacey Roussel, who runs All We Need Farms.  I have 24 poussins on order from Stacey — chickens that weigh no more than one pound (they make a great local market entree for one person).  So, in her last email to me, Stacey is telling me how she and daughter Emmaline are enjoying watching their chicks pecking away at the grass.  That day was one of our beautiful, warm “winter” days and Stacey and her daughter skip going to Church during the day and instead go to the park to enjoy the day, much like their (or should I say my) chicks are.  After the park, they head straight to their Church’s evening service.  And that is when tragedy struck.  They say that in Houston, if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change.  Well….while Stacey and family are at Church, the temperature dropped suddenly, by dozens of degrees.  Upon returning home, they find half their chicks, or half my poussins, dead.  Word of the tragedy got out in their farm community (fast as it will) and a neighbor-farmer-friend counsels Stacey, “If the ground is too cold for your bare ass, it is too cold for your birds.”  Stacey vows not to be caught with her pants down again (and at Church no less!).  Those chicks could have used some Holy Spirit breath for sure.

Instead, though, somehow Lady Gaga comes up and I am quoting a line from one of her songs, “I want your ugly, I want your disease; I want your everything as long as it’s free.”  I get blank stares and a bit of squirming in the “pews,” as it were.  I don’t say it but I am thinking to myself, didn’t Mother Teresa say the same thing?

Anyway, this ain’t church, it’s a cooking class!



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