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Just Ducky November 7, 2009

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Green Plum Cooking School – Sat, Nov 7th

Duck Eggs

Ah, back in the saddle again after missing a Saturday class. We’re doing duck eggs over easy, should be easy. We’ve also got some great fall corn in so we’re doing a corn hash. I love these “easy” classes; there’s time to chit chat about everything and nothing, which is exactly what we did. I told my hash experience in Amsterdam 20 years ago. That should tell you something. I’m not sure it was appropriate, but I did tell the kids who were present not to do drugs EVER!!! My experience should help them make the right choice. I was also able to tell my MINI Cooper experience (I know! We had so much time to kill!!!). FYI, I don’t own a hybrid mini cooper, but I do have to plug mine in to charge the battery three times a week because they say I don’t drive enough to keep the battery charged. Are you kidding me? Now, I’m trying to drive less just to f**k with them.

So, duck eggs. Everyone agrees that duck eggs should have a bigger yolk than chicken eggs. Turns out they have more cholesterol. Oh, that’s what tasted soooooooo gooooood. The shells were very hard. I tried to be cool and crack one with one hand. Couldn’t do it. Brought some girl scouts up. They couldn’t do it. We swizzle the pan (a nonstick omelette pan, not the cast iron that Alice loves) with olive oil, crack about 2 eggs per pan and gently cook the first side. We all had a hand at flipping the eggs to cook them over easy. Kate, you rock star!!! In a separate pan, we start our corn hash. Apparently, if you Google hash, any kind of hash, you get my hash experience in Amsterdam…really!!! It was something else. I think hash (the food kind) is supposed to have potato in it, but that’s not what Alice thinks. Her corn hash has kernelled corn, chiles of varying heats, red bells, scallions, pretty much everything growing right now could be thrown in….then we added lime juice from my house and cilantro, but just as easily could have done basil or parsley. Also, the knob of blossom butter didn’t hurt. Alice recommended we could finish it with a dollop of herb butter. We likey our flower power butter! Wow, this whole blog seems to be about special substances….hum.

Corn Hash & Duck Eggs, Over Easy

From Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food
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