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Don’t Nub Me The Wrong Way March 13, 2010

Making the World Right with Butter, Flour, Eggs & Sugar

Green Plum Cooking School – February 27th

A few blog posts ago, I had to take one of our regulars, Alison, to task because of her husband’s addiction to carrot nubs.  If you know anything about me, you know I would tell you to Just Say NO! to carrot nubs.  So, why did I buy a bag of carrot nubs at the big grocery box store for this week’s Green Plum cooking class?  I was going to taunt Alison. Turns out that she won’t buy them for her husband, Oleg, anymore, but does admit that Oleg will get them for himself, like crack on the corner.  He eats them every day.  He thinks they are going to keep him from going blind.  I think he can’t see straight.

Today, I am going to make the carrots that are a side on tafia’s menu: carrots with a spicy pepperoncini-sundried tomato-celery topping.  I am going to make a Warm Date Butter Tart to get the audience on my side first, though.  Carrots are a hard sell unless they’re nubs, it seems.

Pate Sucree Dough



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