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Green Plum Cooking School – Sat, Dec 18th

Local Meyer Lemon Curd Crepes

Nope, we’re not in Kansas (or Berkeley, as it were) anymore.  This is Houston, people! And I’ve intentionally gone off from Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food and am using recipes from my own digital cookbook, “Eat Where Your Food Lives” (available at  F*#k the yellow brick road!  My way may be a little bumpy, but stick with me.

The second class already involves power cords, blender blades and eggs. Oh My! My first concern, as usual, is that there is a lot of electrical equipment up here. Too much for someone who doesn’t do equipment.  And now measuring cups and spoons. That’s a new development, too.  As Beth and Rachel were looking for the blender blade attachment, they discovered that I do have measuring cups and such downstairs in the kitchen and promptly snitched them for themselves to use in class.  I thought they were OK with our makeshift measuring material — that is a ladle, a to-go cup or even the palm of my hand in a pinch.  My feelings are kind of hurt.  But we move on.

Yep...electrical equipment

On the menu this morning:  crepes and Meyer lemon curd.  Right at the get-go, I realize someone has snitched my eggs….we were already low in the kitchen, but come on, I needed my eggs first!! (more…)


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