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The One When Caleb & Deirdre Came To Town December 5, 2009

Green Plum Cooking School – Sat, Dec 5th

My new BFFs: Caleb Barber, me & Deirdre Heekin

I wouldn’t say I’ve been procrastinating writing this blog, it’s more like not wanting a good book to end, so you read it in extremely enjoyable chunks — not too fast, not too slow.

I keep thinking about them: Caleb & Deirdre, Deirdre & Caleb.  Caleb Barber and Deirdre Heekin run a tiny restaurant in Woodstock, Vermont called Pane e Salute (  My friend, Gracie Cavnar (founder/director of Recipe for Success, an organization dedicated to fighting childhood obesity –, knows Caleb and Deirdre well and came up with the idea of having t’afia host a book signing with them when they came to Houston.  Well, the book signing turned into an entire weekend of events with them and I was excited about the whole thing.

Caleb and Deirdre have an extremely small restaurant in Woodstock.  They only have 8 tables and “turn” them once a night, meaning they seat and serve those 8 tables only once each night and then close it up.  Caleb is alone in the kitchen except for a dishwasher (who washes every dish and glass by hand).  Deirdre runs the front of house or dining room, acting as sommelier, waiter and General Manager.  I always thought of their restaurant model as the perfect “retirement” restaurant for me when I’m done doing what I’m doing.  We’ll see!   (more…)


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