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monica’s TEES April 8, 2010

Now you can buy the tees you see Monica wearing at the restaurant and on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.

Monica’s Tees are available through the follwing:

* for hand-stitched letter tees: Visit Georgina Key’s blogsite

* for silk-screened word tees, visit Houston’s Hello Lucky store in the Heights and on their website.


2 Responses to “monica’s TEES”

  1. Ann Marie Says:

    I just watched Top Chef Masters and you may not have won the challenge but you won the heart of many. By helping another competitor it showed that not only are you a true competitor but someone that you daughter can look up to.

    Good for you!

    You’ve won me over!!

  2. Belle Blu Says:

    I also just watched Top Chef Masters and was left stunned. You know what the lesson here is ? That at the end of the day we answer for the things we do as well as what we don’t do and people will remember your kindness. Sometimes people put such a price at winning that they lose sight of what is really important. Kindness matters.

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